The Start of a Journey

Written by Jim Thomas

Thanks for visiting us.  This is the start of a journey that will hopefully conclude with significant reform to the way football is run in Scotland.   Reform that will see accountability and transparency to the game and a greater voice for ordinary fans at club level and within the regulators.  It won’t be a successful journey without the support and strength of the fans of Scottish football being harnessed into a voice so loud it can’t be ignored.   In the days and weeks to come we’ll add further information on the problems with how the game is run and our plan to ensure meaningful reform throughout becomes a reality.  In the meantime you can help us build that strong voice by signing the petition at

Things are moving fast.  The SFA is going to look for public funding from the Scottish Parliament for their plans for Hampden.  The SPFL are making great inroads into representation of the Clubs within the governance structures.  But the clubs don’t represent the fans.  Fan representation and ownership in Scotland lags well behind many of our neighbouring countries.  We’re handicapping ourselves when it comes to being a competitive football nation.  On top of this there’s fierce battles being fought within the SFA and SPFL to protect vested interests and influence over the game.  Fans are not even considered stakeholders in the game.  Consider the SPFL’s recent comments on the League Cup semi-final scheduling fiasco:

“We arrived at this decision only after lengthy and exhaustive discussions with all our stakeholders, including Police Scotland”

Clubs were consulted. Police consulted. Even transport.  Fans who were the very people whose safety and convenience were being impacted were, as always, left out.  Taken at face value the above quote is saying fans are not stakeholders in the game – just the mugs contributing the money that keeps the gravy train running.

If the SFA were not dysfunctional there would be no need for an SPFL representing club interests seperate to the overall governing body.  The SFA is paralysed by its own inherent self-interests and unable to reform itself.  The principles of good governance are freely available but not being implemented.

“Good governance will lead to good decisions. [Reform will] undoubtedly permeate through football at all levels.” — Tracey Crouch, sports minister.

“Turkeys won’t vote for Christmas,” — Damian Collins, the chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport select committee

It doesn’t matter what scarf you carry on a Saturday – the game belongs to us all and we are being short-changed. Please help us bring the soul of the game back to the fans.


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