In the course of our interaction with fans of various clubs, we’ve been asked about how our work is financed.  To date the answer is entirely from the pockets of the 4 founding members. They have committed to continuing to do so for the forseeable future in respect of the moderate costs of the website costs and ordinary incidental administration costs.

The question did give us pause to consider what might be able to achieved with additional means of finance however.  Additional finance may have allowed us, for example, finance the printing of certain protest banners for high visibility events.  It may also have allowed us to start working towards one of the projects we would like to see take place – the creation of a Community Interest Company formed entirely to hold shares in Scottish football clubs with a view to forming a strong voice for Scottish football as a whole within the ownership of individual clubs. To this end we are looking at the creation of a donation app on the website and possibility of some shop items.  Should this functionality appear on the website, be assured that such funding will be held entirely seperately from the running costs (which our founders members will continue to pay) and be used entirely for those purposes of expanding the range of activities we can provide towards a greater say for fans in the running of the game and our clubs.  Such donations are entirely voluntary and no political input from donors will ever be acceptable to us in exchange for such donations.

In the meantime please be comforted that these are the only sources of funding this organisation receives and we hold ourselves answerable to no one but the signatories on our petition.

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