Stigma in Scottish Football- Part 2: A Lesson From History

There is not a masonic conspiracy. There is not an unseen green hand. There is not bending to suit the Establishment club. This is about money and risk. I’ve disagreed with those that said only Rangers would have got the treatment they received in 2012. Celtic would too. The reason has nothing to do with team affiliations and everything to do with finance.

Financial Fair Play: A Fan Voice

Highlights An overwhelming majority of those polled would like to see some sort of Financial Fair Play (FFP) in domestic football to protect our game against future financial failures An overwhelming majority of those polled did not think that domestic FFP would negatively impact on the enjoyment of football The existing protections that have been... Continue Reading →

Scottish Football Timeline

This is something we'd been working on for a while and used as a reference point to what was going on at various times in recent history in the Scottish game. A handy place to store reference material and links in a structured way if you will. No claims that it is complete or finished... Continue Reading →

The SFA, CAS, Cartels & Predictions

by TJ I don't like to toot my own trumpet, but "toot, toot". Correctly predicting the elevation of Rod Petrie as new SFA President is hardly challenging. The antiquated four years in office rule makes it all but certain.  When we created the "Roddy P - The Future is Safe Wi Me" mugs it was... Continue Reading →

RIP Cesar

I'm not sure if there's a more iconic picture in Scottish football than Billy McNeill holding the European Cup aloft. The first British man to do so, and the leader of a team full of home-grown Scots who'd conquered Europe. I hope my recapturing of that moment does him justice. I can't talk well about... Continue Reading →

FFP Research

Two minutes of your time to provide a meaningful fan voice. Very quick one today.  Our next article will draw on what has changed regarding the financial landscape of Scottish football since 2012 (which was covered in Stigma in Scottish Football- Intro and Part 1: Too Big To Fail). It'll address whether the finances of... Continue Reading →

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