The FWS UEFA Licensing 2011/12 Report

The release of this report represents one of the 2 pieces of work completed by FWS before winding things down. The following is a report we prepared in relation to a specific question being asked relating to the Financial Statements and submissions used by Rangers as part of their UEFA License application for the 2011/12... Continue Reading →


This isn't a decision we've taken lightly, but we at Fans Without Scarves feel that at present we have no option but to go on indefinite hiatus. We started out with four members: each fans of different Scottish teams but in recent months we've been down to effectively three. As of end December we lost... Continue Reading →

Season’s Greetin’ 2019

Seasons greetings to all who read our musings and ramblings. Hope the rivalries and competitiveness have all given way to peace and togetherness until the next kick-off. We hadn't intended to put any articles up over the festive period, but we received a somewhat unexpected Christmas present that we'd like to share. It appears that... Continue Reading →

Fare in Love and War

The last couple of days have seen the re-igniting of claims about the impartiality of the Fare Network in Scottish Football after an incident on Twitter. Fare retweeted a post that included derogatory slurs about Rangers and a video of the Ibrox dressing room under Graeme Sounness singing "The Billy Boys", a song which is... Continue Reading →

Stigma in Scottish Football- Part 3: Tumbling Dice

The real problems were buried because it is better you don’t know. You are better off not knowing that failure to ensure financial sense throughout the league by all clubs led to a potential domino effect. That allowing those too big to be allowed to fail to take monumental risks that threatened all major clubs meant decisions now had to be made based on survival and not what is right. That for all the hatred Regan and Doncaster now receive for doing it, they really did do it to try and save the multitude and not ‘all in favour of one club’.

Rangers Tax Issues

Thought it was easier to set something out here than speaking with lots of different people about what today's story in The Times is really all about. Its already become a bit of a raging argument on Twitter between Rangers fans feeling upset about the course things followed and Celtic fans making light of it,... Continue Reading →

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