This isn’t a decision we’ve taken lightly, but we at Fans Without Scarves feel that at present we have no option but to go on indefinite hiatus.

We started out with four members: each fans of different Scottish teams but in recent months we’ve been down to effectively three. As of end December we lost another member through his work commitments. While it was hoped this was temporary, it now looks likely that TJ will be unable to contribute as much as he had been for the foreseeable future…. and honestly his hard work was a huge part of this site and our social media presence. We wish him our sincere best wishes on his new business venture and upcoming nuptials. Also that Falkirk find their way back to the Championship come May.

Being down to only two active members, presents us with an immediate problem in that it will be difficult to avoid conflicts of interests where our clubs are concerned and we can’t in good concience continue given the nature of what we wanted to achive. This is exacerbated by the fact that one of the clubs our remaining members supports is Celtic, while we’ve been unable to get a regular Rangers supporting contributer despite our best efforts. In the past we’ve been able to ensure persons writing about particular team issues are neither a fan of the club nor their biggest rivals. That is now becoming very difficult to continue doing.

While this may be remedied by the inclusion of new members, the tremendous hard work TJ put in will also be very tough to replace and his personality was a big part of our article style and social media presence.

The website has been paid up, for the better part of a year and we will use that time to look at alternative ways of moving forward. In the meantime we would like to extend an invitation to all those who have a keen interest in getting a better say for fans in the running of our game to sign up for free as members of https://scottishfsa.org/ and be a part of making our combined voices heard.

On the subject of the SFSA, we were very pleased to be nominated for their media content award and finish third behind worthy winner, the hilarious OldFirmFacts. If we are unable to find a way to move forward, this recognition is a very welcome way for us to wind up the project that unfortunately seems to be ending without the progress we’d hoped for.

Its probably also fitting that as TJ did so much of the website updates, I don’t really know how to put this up with pictures etc, so my apologies for that!

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