SFA: More Than Just an Embarrassment – A Disgrace

Written by TJ

Something seemed a little off when watching Scotland prepare for the Portugal game recently. I eventually put my finger on what it was.  See I remember that Vauxhall had announced it was terminating its sponsorship of all the home nations effective from the end of the World Cup.  Yet here we were prancing around doing jumping jacks in Vauxhall kits.  Now I’m not one to criticise free advertising – we’re still holding out hope that Brewdogs are going to sponsor us in beer – but what have Vauxhall done to deserve this munificence from the SFA? Is it just that they are too cheap to provide a new set of training gear?

We were pleased to give Pete Haynes our thoughts recently on where we thought the SFA could do more to protect vulnerable children for his upcoming discussions with those performing the independent review into the SFA’s ‘not fit for purpose’ child protection measures.  It struck me while looking at these images that we – and by that I mean the SFA on behalf of Scottish football – had an opportunity to do something really good.  We could have put Children 1st on that gear and declared it a statement of intent to wipe the scourge of child abuse from the game. Hell, we could have used the gap in sponsorship for any number of good positive causes.  England did – to promote a charity working with grass roots football.  Not the SFA though!


So well done SFA – managing to snatch another embarrassing failure from yet another disastrous on field display! You really couldn’t make it up.

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