Statement: Officiating & Disciplinary Crisis

When signing up to our campaign for meaningful regulatory reform in Scottish football, many have done so through absolute exasperation with the standard of officiating and disciplinary conduct that has had to be endured throughout Scottish football in the current season.  From the ghost goal to the baffling panel decisions, this crisis has been of the SFA’s making through its inaction in the event of sustained complaints and a lack of clear direction on exactly how we can expect to eventually get the standard we deserve.  Too much finger pointing at what the clubs agreed to seems to be standard protocol.  Today we ask that fans be engaged as stakeholders in decisions that affect us all as we should have been all along.  All the money in the game starts and ends with us yet we remain the single biggest group of excluded stakeholders – both through our voices at our clubs and our voices within the regulator.  We demand better.

statement 6 january 2019

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