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Two minutes of your time to provide a meaningful fan voice. Very quick one today.  Our next article will draw on what has changed regarding the financial landscape of Scottish football since 2012 (which was covered in Stigma in Scottish Football- Intro and Part 1: Too Big To Fail). It'll address whether the finances of... Continue Reading →

Res12: A New Resource and Accounting Matters

A lot of information has just been put into the public domain. First off is to simply point readers to the website that went public today containing information relevant to the campaign of the Celtic shareholders known as the Resolution 12 Requisitioners. It contains a lot of referenced documentation relating to the chain of events... Continue Reading →

The Ongoing Case for FFP in Domestic Football

Recently we published the start of our look back at the crisis that paralysed Scottish football. It centred on Risk. Mainly existential risks that exist because 'success' is measured in trophies and league positions not pennies and pounds. Or at least historically - the big leagues are now increasingly becoming home to investment portfolio assets.... Continue Reading →

Practical Suggestions on Tackling Bigotry

Please find to follow details of a communication sent to the Supporters Liaison Officers of all the Scottish Premier League clubs today. While bigotry within football affects all clubs it is often easy to dismiss it as a West of Scotland problem. To do so is to relax our own responsibilities to tackle a problem... Continue Reading →

Statement: Officiating & Disciplinary Crisis

When signing up to our campaign for meaningful regulatory reform in Scottish football, many have done so through absolute exasperation with the standard of officiating and disciplinary conduct that has had to be endured throughout Scottish football in the current season.  From the ghost goal to the baffling panel decisions, this crisis has been of... Continue Reading →

Child Abuse in Scottish Football – Part 1

Written by TJ What Fans Can Do Child abuse is a heinous crime. A friend of mine who works in a high security prison would attest to how detested the criminals that perpetrate this crime are even among fellow inmates.  Scottish football has a historic child abuse scandal and the convictions are starting to mount. ... Continue Reading →

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